Miscellaneous, a.k.a. everything recent

Moon Jae Shin doesn't know he's beautiful. (Yong Ha does.)

Fandom: Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Audio: "What Makes You Beautiful," One Direction
Length: 1:14
Format: 14.5 MB MPEG4

Or maybe not!

Fandom: Chak De! India
Audio: "One Girl Revolution," Superchick
Length: 3:17
Format: 67.2 MB MPEG4

I haven't got it all figured out just yet.

Audio: "Hand in My Pocket," Alanis Morrisette
Length: 3:37
Format: 51 MB MPEG4

Komal, pass the ball.

Audio: "Hadippa!" (Dil Bole Hadippa) by Mika Singh
Length: 1:55
Format: 44.6 MB MPEG4

Viola was facing a fate worse than death, until her twin brother Sebastian showed her a way out.

Audio: She's the Man trailer
Length: 2:25
Format: 32.2 MB MPEG4

Homura is from D.A.R.E.

Song: "White Rabbit"
Artist: Blue Man Group
Length: 2:54
Format: 61.3 MB MPEG4

"What you're imagining right now -- you control this world."

Audio: Sucker Punch trailer
Length: 2:32
Format: 30.1 MB MPEG4


Song: "I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For"
Artist: U2
Length: 4:59
Format: 19.2 MB MPEG4

Somebody had to make it.

Song: "If I Were a Free Fallin' Boy"
Artist: Beyonce and Tom Petty, via DJ Earworm
Length: 4:21
Format: 54.9 MB MPEG4

Momoko is my favorite sociopath.
Song: "Enchantment"
Artist: Lily Frost
Length: 3:13
Format: 38.3 MB MPEG4
This is my brain on Disney live action musicals.
Song: "Bet On It"
Artist: Zac Efron
Length: 3:17
Format: 49.9 MB AVI


Every morning I put it on.
Title: "Persona"
Artist: Blue Man Group
Length: 2:12
Format: 36.6 MB AVI
Who is this?
Title: "3 AM Call"
Artist: Noe Venable
Length: 3:26
Format: 44.6 MB AVI
One day late. Hiro, Claire, and saving the world.
Title: "Help is Coming"
Artist: Sam Phillips
Length: 3:11
Format: 35.4 MB AVI
This is Claire Bennet.
Song: "Perfect Memory"
Artist: Remy Zero
Length: 3:10
Format: 39.8 MB AVI

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Dress tomorrow in white.
Song: "Five on the Dime"
Artist: Noe Venable
Length: 2:53
Format: 37.4 MB AVI
One girl in all the world. / Slayers, all of them.
Song: "Boulevard of Broken Songs"
Artist: Party Ben (mash-up)
Length: 4:37
Format: 35.1 MB AVI


She's tore up plenty, but she'll fly true.
Song: "Legend of a Cowgirl"
Artist: Imani Coppola
Length: 2:50
Format: 43.9 MB AVI
This is a vid about a character who does not exist.
Song: "Secret Asian Man"
Artist: Da Vinci's Notebook
Length: 1:10
Format: 23.7 MB AVI
I am turning in your hand.
Song: "Small Blue Thing"
Artist: Suzanne Vega
Length: 3:56
Format: 44.6 MB AVI
River and Serenity. Created before I understood the concept of "pacing."
Song: "Paint Mine Blue"
Artist: Noe Venable
Length: 4:23
Format: 42.2 MB AVI
My first vid; adjust expectations accordingly.
Song: "Woke Up This Morning"
Artist: Alabama 3
Length: 3:12
Format: 36.1 MB AVI<


Peter does not give his mentoring experience a 10/10.
Song: "Bastard Wants to Hit Me"
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Length: :50
File: 15.5 MB AVI
You were looking for an orchid.
Song: "Dandelion"
Artist: Antje Duvekot
Length: 1:18
Format: 31.3 MB AVI
All he wants to do is eat your brains.
Song: "Re: Your Brains"
Artist: Jonathan Coulton
Length: 1:06
Format: 11.6 MB AVI
You can look it up.
Title: "Definition of a Hero"
Audio: Taken from Firefly and Serenity
Length: :50
Format: 11.7 MB AVI

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